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ONLY YOU CAN LOVE ME THIS WAY...,  Only we can love him this way!!! , Keith Urban


1 file(s) by: heidi

Created: Jan 30, 2010


Views: 76

Total Ratings: 3

Votes: 0


Nashville  2009,   , Keith Urban

Nashville 2009 

1 file(s) by: Barb Monke

Created: Dec 11, 2009


Views: 134

Total Ratings: 3

Votes: 0


mohegan sun 2009,  I just about fainted when he came to me.  that was the 2nd time he came to my row at mohegan two years in a row.  he's the best entertainer out there. , Keith Urban

mohegan sun 2009 

1 file(s) by: cfleury41202844

Created: Nov 24, 2009


Views: 151

Total Ratings: 3

Votes: 0


Kenny Living it up,   , Kenny Chesney

Kenny Living it up 

1 file(s) by: wildridewithkc4...

Created: Nov 15, 2009


Views: 551

Total Ratings: 1

Votes: 0


Having fun with the crowd,  from American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX 7.11.09 , Keith Urban

Having fun with the crowd 

1 file(s) by: kuguitargrl40488...

Created: Oct 6, 2009


Views: 111

Total Ratings: 2

Votes: 0


so close I could feel Keith's guitar string being played!,  It is absolutely wonderful to be right up next to Keith at his concerts and watch him kill the guitar, what a guitarist! the best!!! , Keith Urban

so close I could feel Keith&#...

1 file(s) by: Bobbie Britton

Created: Oct 3, 2009


Views: 170

Total Ratings: 12

Votes: 0


Kenny Chesney,  he's got that sad puppy dog face. , Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney 

1 file(s) by: KennyC819440489...

Created: Nov 5, 2008


Views: 836

Total Ratings: 5

Votes: 0


Taylor in a pink dress and heels,  I like her in pink , Taylor Swift

Taylor in a pink dress and he...

1 file(s) by: Daniel Alexande...

Created: Jun 25, 2008


Views: 2,391

Total Ratings: 14

Votes: 0


picture to burn animation,  please comment!! , Taylor Swift

picture to burn animation 

1 file(s) by: ash.

Created: Jun 3, 2008


Views: 21,010

Total Ratings: 45

Votes: 0


Blown Away, Carrie Underwood Blown Away Concert photos, Carrie Underwood

Blown Away 

7 file(s) by: Keene

Created: Mar 7, 2013


Views: 154

Total Ratings: 7

Votes: 0


20122 blown away tour, Carrie Underwood performs at the United Center, Chicago, IL Dec.12, 2012, Carrie Underwood

20122 blown away tour 

5 file(s) by: Ron Paprocki

Created: Dec 14, 2012


Views: 199

Total Ratings: 8

Votes: 0


Carrie and I backstage at the 1st bank center in Broomfield Colorado, Concert in July 2010 at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. Enjoyed talking with Carrie Backstage., Carrie Underwood

Carrie and I backstage at the...

1 file(s) by: jared@thewolnys....

Created: Oct 21, 2012


Views: 168

Total Ratings: 6

Votes: 0


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